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Presenting the most powerful Dr Clark Zapper available: “The Zapper Digital Professional Machine”. This Professional Dr Clark Zapper produces multiple frequency bandwidths, 15 x Default Program Groups, Super Sweep, Convergence Sweep and Exceeds all expectations in power output and amperage for the healing processes of the most serious diseases.

Dr Clark expressed time and again the importance of precise frequencies backed up by higher power output and amps, to achieve the best healing effects. Engineered to the highest standards in Germany, the Zapper Digital continues to produce the very same frequencies of its predecessors, the original Dr Hulda Clark Zapper.

Through the use of Modern Electronics, one can now access the ETDFL Frequency Manual, and program in specific frequency sets to assist with the reversal of many chronic diseases and ailments. The Zapper Digital automatically reproduces these frequencies through the 4 straps provided (2 x hands, 2 x feet), so as to provide a harmonious frequency wave which kills and destroys pathogens in the body

Dr Hulda Clark was fortunate to work with many patients using the Dr Hulda Clark Frequency machines. With over 16000 users in Europe and the world, the “Professional Dr Clark Zapper” provides a machine in alignment with the Original Dr Clark Machine. You can have the same positive experience as Dr Hulda Clark, using this modern Electro-Therapy ‘Zapper’ technology to reverse disease conditions.

Zapper Digital Specifications

– Larger 30MHZ Quartz Crystal Core Zapper Digital Professional uses an electronic oscillator that is regulated by a quartz crystal for frequency output. This crystal oscillator creates a signal with very precise frequencies, so that Zapper Digital Professional’s are at least an order of magnitude more accurate than other machines. When the Zapper Digital Professional set program produces a charge across the Quartz Crystal plane, the quartz crystals arc. Since quartz can be directly driven (to flex) by an electric signal it produces a superior harmonic resonator.

– Zapper Digital Professional 15 Group Series
– Fully Programmable Clark Zapper With Equivalent Power of CLINIC Standard Zapper devices
– Easy to Use and Program Keyboard. Enter frequencies quickly and easily.
– Utilizes Bioresonance treatment frequencies
– Power Rating: 16v-DC, (35% x more Power than Zapper Digital Ultra Series)
– Power Adapter Rating: 4500ma, (Professional model has 125% x more Amp Capacity)
– Zapper Measured Voltage Output ~15v (Use only Oscilloscope to measure voltage output)
– 30 Mhz Quartz Crystal Core – 50% Duty Cycle (Standard)
– 100% Positive Offset
– DAC: Digital Accuracy
– RF Frequencies – Dr Zapper’s Original Machine. Button Switchable
– CW Frequencies – Dr Zapper’s Carrier Wave. Button Switchable
– LCD display with more menu options
– Frequency Range: 0000.01Khz – 0999.99Khz (1MHz)
– Lab tested Pure Square Waveform on all Zapper frequencies
– Harmonics: Harmonic Waveform periodic on 100% of Frequencies
– Square Wave Output
– 2 Strap Connectors for the hands and feet.
– 2 Straps now connect directly to machine (No Y Junction required)
– USA manufactured chipsets, by Microchip Devices USA
– All Countries DC Switching mode Power Supply Adapter (US110v – 230/240/250v)
– Standard Sweep, Standard Run
– PULSE Sweep and Run – New feature which builds power output and Pulses Frequencies into the body
– Convergence Sweep – Runs 2 Frequencies simultaneously on the full Million program mode
– Super Sweep – Runs all million frequencies from 0 – 1 million Hz
– 15 Multiple Group Settings. Put Multiple programs in for different people or multiple disease treatments
– Clinic Standard Device. Key in all your patients programs prior to their arrival for treatment

HOW Does Zapper Digital Professional Work?

The Zapper Digital Machine is an electronic device producing an adjustable frequency of 000.01Khz – 999.99Khz @ 16 volts DC which is the most successful bandwidth for eliminating bacteria and parasites through the wrist / foot strap terminals.
The pulsing action of the positive terminal sends an electronic ‘wave’ through the body, which eliminates all parasites, bacteria, amoeba and viruses that live within this 1,000,000hz band.
This positive current detaches the negatively charged bacteria from their electro-magnetic adhesion in the body, so that the immune system can fight them.
The frequencies can be programmed in according to the particular illness you are working with.


Dr Hulda Clark was the original designer of the Zapper for the general public; however Dr Clark personally only used a million band frequency generator for clinic work, not a zapper, this is why we only sell the model Dr Clark used herself, rather than cheap low power, 3 frequency battery zappers.
Do you think Dr Clark could write 7 books, and record the frequencies of 350 parasites and bacteria with a battery zapper? Not possible. This is why we bring you the original Dr Clark Frequency Generator in the form of Zapper Digital Professional.
HUGE! 4500ma 16.5 DC Power Supply:
The German designed Zapper Digital Professional is the most comprehensive and powerful Zapper on the market. The power adapter is 110v – 220v automatically switchable, so you can use it world wide. Conversion adapters available:
All Countries Adapters shipped with Zapper Professional. All plugs included. You can use anywhere in the world, USA, UK, EU, Australia, anywhere.

Zapper Digital Professional has an LCD Panel which displays all possible functions available to the user.

Professional Navigation Panel

* Program Frequencies in the Navigation Panel
* ▲▼ Keys Permit selection of Programs
* Keypad: Key new frequencies directly into menu
* 10 Preset (Default) Groups recorded in device
* Lock specific frequencies into memory
* Corresponds with Frequency book (included)
* Memory will NOT erase with power off
* Master Reset returns to Factory defaults

The Instruction Book:

The Instruction book is now integrated with the ETDFL frequency list, and comprises of 128 pages The ETDFL Frequency List Book lists over 3500 Parasitic Infections, Diseases and treatments.
IIt gives the user many accompanying programmable frequency settings in Kilohertz (kHz) to use with Zapper Digital. Set your Zapper Navigation Menu to a Frequency specific to a treatment or illness. e.g. Cancer of Lung: 000.05Khz, and Run the Frequency in Manual mode; Or Program in the whole set, and the device will run each frequency for 10 minutes. Zapper Professional is most effective when it is used for extended periods of time: For example: 7-9 hours per day/night with the Straps attached to the soles of the feet.

The Instruction book has been translated into 4 main languages. The Actual ETDFL frequency list is in English, as many disease conditions use similar or the same medical terms across the main languages.


Tip: Use Convergence Sweep to run 2 separate frequencies of different bandwidths into the body at the same time. We have engineered the frequency timing to avoid “Frequency Cancellation” or as known in the audio world: (Noise Cancellation)
Convergence-sweep is a new function exclusive to the Zapper Digital Professional Machine, which permits the user to experience dual frequency output (2 frequencies simultaneously) using an advanced version of the super sweep function.
Frequencies output from 000.01 to 999.99; Frequencies output from 999.99 to 000.01 concurrently. As every single available frequency is output to the user, the user can experience a different type of electro therapy healing which may assist in cases where specific frequencies are not providing fast results.
Convergence Sweep is easy to locate on the main menu, and simply pressing ENTER begins the Convergence Sweep “Playback”. Convergence Sweep uses ½ the time of a Super Sweep session.


Super-sweep is also a new function on the Zapper Professional machine which permits the user to sweep every frequency up to 1 million Hz or (999.99kHz) As every single available frequency is output to the user, the user can experience a different type of electro-therapy healing which may assist in cases where specific frequencies are not providing fast results. Super Sweep provides longer sessions throughout this massive sweep range, so use this feature as an overnight treatment session. It could take over 5 hours to complete a full 1 Million frequencies sweep.
TIP: Use Super Sweep, when a standard program routine requires an additional “Supercharged” treatment session

ETDFL 3500 Frequency Manual

Selection of Frequency Sets from the ETDFL Book are numbered 000.01 to 999.99Khz. All Frequencies are programmed in, and run at 10 minutes each interval Treatments for extended periods are the best suggested overnight method for Zapper Digital Professional is 6-9 hours depending upon seriousness of condition.
Select the appropriate disease frequencies from the book and program the selection into your Zapper Digital. Press “SWEEP” on the machine to allow the healing treatment to commence. book

Professional DUAL Zapper POWER PORT for ‘Quad-Treatment’

Zapper Digital Professional Power Port for QUAD Treatment allows a session on both the hands and feet. Zapper Digital also allows for 2 people to have treatments simultaneously… Good for a busy Clinic.
QUAD treatments follow the Meridian Lines of the body’s “Energy Field” , This creates an energy focal point at the heart chakra intersection. Meridian treatments:
Positive cable is marked with a Red line. Wear (+) Positive straps on hands and feet (left side) and Ground straps on hands and feet right side (-) * DUAL Port is built into the Zapper PRO model, whereas Ultra model requires an adapter cable.

Zapper Digital and (Chakra) Meridians:

Zapper Digital Meridian Treatments allow a greater flow of energy through the Chakras The 4 straps allow the movement of energy from the lower body, through to the upper meridians. The placement of straps according to the illustration here, permits the transition of healing frequencies throughout the main Chakra centers.
Straps included with Zapper Digital Professional, are marked Positive RED (+) and Earth BLACK (-). Locate straps to the hands and feet according to this Meridian chart in order to follow the Frequency Healing processes over the Chakra centers.

Zapper Digital Professional Straps:

Allow Treatments on Palms for short periods, as skin on Palms will become sensitive to the frequencies.. If you use Hand-straps then position the stainless steel plate face down in the palms. Alternatively, use Straps on soles of the feet: (see further below)

Stainless Steel Padded Hand and Foot Straps: Hand-Straps allow the use of the Dr Clark Professional Zapper for longer periods of time, eliminating the need for “copper bars” which cause “cramp” with extended use.

White Flex Straps

(Now White Color) Flexible straps are optional for USA Customers Place straps at top of Palms to reduce sensitivity – The entire strap is conductive on the RED-FLEX model

Black Velcro Straps

Velcro straps can be used on both Feet and Hands and are easy to adjust. The velcro ribbon wraps back over the buttons ensuring a secure fit. Velcro Straps are Standard on all Dr Hulda Clark Digital models.

Foot-Straps / Foot Plate

For the best results with Zapper Digital, wear the wrist-straps on the soles of the feet. This simulates a “FOOT-PLATE” and allows free movement of the feet. One may rest or sleep for a period using this method which creates a healing mechanism through the meridians of the feet, much like acupuncture.

PET Zapper

Extended use of the Professional Zapper with Straps attached to the feet (as pictured) has proven to be very effective for sufferers of serious illness or disease. Hospital Grade wrist/foot straps guarantee long life and permit swift surface sterilization if required.

Zapper Digital is suitable as a Pet ‘Zapper’, and is both a Dog ‘Zapper’, and a Cat ‘Zapper’.

Follow the General Parasites frequencies in the ETDFL book.
Attach Straps only on the “Pads” of the Pets feet and tighten strap firmly. Sleep-time is a good opportunity for using Zapper Digital on your Pet.
Note: US Office have special mats available at an extra fee for Pet treatments. Mats are more comfortable than straps, and can be placed at the bottom of the Pet’s basket.

Zapper Digital for Children:

Zapper Digital are suitable for children and can be used with all the applicable frequencies in the ETDFL book.
Children must be attended to and supervised at all times by an adult when using the device.
Use Zapper Digital only on the soles of the feet of the child as pictured:

Zapper Digital Professional has also been used with great success on babies and very young children 6mths – 2 years. Due to greater sensitivity to the frequencies, babies and young children should have shorter treatment sessions, and be constantly monitored by Parent or health care persons.

Zapper Digital LAB Quality Control (QC) Testing:

All Zapper Digital models are Quality Control tested before shipping with a Digital Oscilloscope.
Carrier Wave and Frequency Wave are measured, and All frequency Bandwidth are tested on every model
* O* Oscilloscope is pictured for testing purposes and is not included with Zapper Digital.

Zapper Digital Professional Shipping Bag

Zapper Digital is shipped in a portable carry bag. All items within the bag are bubble wrap protected, or in cardboard covers Approximate size below see:

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