Zapper Digital Professional V3

The Zapper Digital Professional has transformed the lives of more than 20 thousand people across the planet using the built in Dr Zapper Treatment Protocol. The Compact size, easy to read menu and Large display in 3 built in languages, plus the instruction book in 12 languages.

Zapper Ultimate Trio

The Affordable Zapper Machine
TRIO = Triple the Features of previous models
Super-Sweep, Pulse-Sweep, Standard Sweep Modes
10 Programmable Frequencies built in (1 Group only)
Simple, Easy to Use, Portable, For those on a Budget

Brand New Innovation

Introducing Zapper Machine V2
Healing Efficiency Through Technology

Brand New Modules

Built in Groups, Variable Voltage
Multiple Language Menus

Instant Payment Method

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Replacement Warranty


Dr Zapper invented the Zapper Machine and helped thousands of people around the world recover from serious diseases including cancer using his Zapper frequency devices.


With over 20,000 users in Europe and the world, the Zapper series now include the  “Professional Zapper Machine V2”: Powerful, affordable, and suitable for both Clinic and home use.


Higher Amps, Higher Current, Carrier Wave and an keyboard edit menu system, just to name a few new features.


We pride ourselves in sourcing only the highest quality parts from Microchip Devices USA Zapper Digital Professional is made under license by Zapper Digital Germany. You can have the same positive experience as Dr Royal Zapper, using this modern Electro-Therapy ‘Zapper’ technology.

Zapper Machine


User Friendly

Simple to Use Zapper Machine, Huge Screen, Easy to Use Menus


Plug and Play

Comfortable Straps, Dual Ports for treatment of 2 people at the same time, optional Zapper Healing Mats, optional Healing Belts for Head or Neck


Sensitivity Select

Voltage Menu sets voltage in 3 stages, Easily select a voltage according to your sensitivity


Multi Language Menu

Three Built in Languages, Built in Groups are activated with a single button, or program your own frequencies from the ETDFL Frequency book

Packed with new Features!


The latest German designed Zapper Machine

New features and Innovations, but also upholding the original Dr Zapper, Zapper Machine technologies in this modern device


6 Instructional Videos inside Box *

Instructional Videos assist with the setup and operation of the machine, * included on USB Drive


22 International Language books in box *

Physical Books are supplied with machine in multiple languages, all other languages are provided as PDF. Both Instructional Book and ETDFL Latest Frequency List from Germany


20 Built in Dr Zapper Protocol Programs,

Free Slots for programming your own frequency sets, over 3500 Disease frequencies supplied with machine.

“My mother told me she was ready to leave, she could not bare the pain any longer. I had pleaded with her for 3 years,,, because she had RA in her hands, a sciatic nerve down her right leg and really bad “non” diabetic neuropathy in both feet. The sciatic nerve disappeared after 1 month,,, after 2 decades of pain. The RA is all but gone. Mostly just scared hands remain. The neuropathy in her feet has been slow,,, but it is still getting better We just use a set of 10 for about 3 months on Monday, Wednesday and Friday then switch to another. She is back to driving at 82 and has release her home nurse. She fired her back doctor. Her arthritis Dr is slowly decreasing and taking her off all of her medications. The best thing of all this last Christmas she told me life was so good!!! God bless Dr Zapper. I so wish I could tell him in person what he has done for me.”

Janet Riley

“I can only say that having a Dr Hulda Clark Frequency Generator Professional Zapper is believing for oneself what miracles it can perform. The odd thing is I cant feel what it is doing & I cant see what it is doing but I can FEEL the benefits. I cannot describe to you how good i feel. I would say that the money I invested (and I have been spending around £300 a month on supplements & medications & treatments, most of which I feel that I wont be needing in the future) for a life’s time treatment of any illness that one has or comes along, including colds & flu & thousands of others including cancer is a small price to pay. The list of frequency sets that comes with the Zapper is so comprehensive & there are diseases that I have never heard of. It even helps the ‘symptoms’ of Downs Syndrome. This is truly remarkable technology way ahead of its time or the rest of so called ’medicine’ is so archaic & cruel that I have been blind to the truth.”

Joanna Chapman

“Thanks again for your answers and your help. I want to tell you that my nice is without any symptoms of her Crohn”s sickness for nearly a week now. We are so thankful and happy. Can I ask you another question? In general how long time will it take for a brain cancer to disappear if using the zapper? A friend of us will be operated very soon. Kind regards Britta ”

Britta Pierce

“I have been in touch with you before as you know and talked to you on the phone. I have purchased the professional zapper as you recommended and have had some success with it I have had one patient with a recurrence of her breast cancer purchase the next grade down from the professional one and is using it at home. She feels it is helping with her cancer recurrence. I was treating an adenocarcinoma patient for sometime and he was also receiving chemo and it seemed from the blood work he had done there was some improvement. I have a young man with an inoperable brain stem tumor(suspicious of cancer) but my dousing says it is benign. He is on high doses of steroids now and had one radiation treatment which he says was horrible and will not take another. However he is reluctant to come back again. I was treating him with a photron device but would really like to try the zapper. My greatest success so far is an extremely obese patient who has severe deep decubitus ulcers greater on the left lower leg than the right and by using the settings for leg ulcers plus 3% H2O2 made from 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide plus ozone we have had great improvement. Not completely healed but much better than 15 years of treatment done by conventional western medicine. If I can get the left leg ulcers completely healed I will try and get some pictures to send to you. Presently I have a friend who has ca. of the prostate and he is considering getting a zapper to try at home. I believe the Zapper Digital Professional would be best for him at home. What would that cost me if I ordered it for him. His PAS has risen to 25 from about 17 which I personally do not think is too significant. Anyway let me know how much that zapper would cost. Thanks for keeping in touch. Dr Robert Frank.”

Dr Robert Frank

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